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How are prices calculated?

The price for minting an NFT is primarily depending on how busy the Ethereum network currently is. This drives what's called 'gas prices'. The Ethereum exchange rate matters much less in this case.
Gas prices can vary wildly within a day. Prices are updated every 10 minutes to give you the best conditions available.

In addition to the Ethereum costs, Nuftu adds a service charge (usually around 10-20%) to take care of the interaction and to store the metadata on its servers.

Why does Nuftu sometimes disable minting?

If the price is unusually high due to a lot of traffic on the Ethereum blockchain, Nuftu temporarily disables NFT minting to protect you from paying too much.
In this case just check back in an hour or so.

Can I get a refund if I change my mind?

This is unfortunately not possible.
Information once added to the blockchain cannot be revoked. This in turn means that the minting cost are committed and can't be canceled or reversed.

Why does minting cost anything at all?

The information of your NFT (the owner, the token number, the link to the digital data etc.) is transferred onto the blockchain where Ethereum miners will verify the data and add it to a new block of the ever growing blockchain.

The work done by the miners costs a lot of computer power and heavy investments in hardware. The miners get paid in Ether (the official Ethereum currency) for their work.
The calculation of the cost is quite complex and depends on the available mining power, the amount of work requested (what's called gas cost and gas prices) and the current Ether conversion rate.